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I want out!

You don’t understand.   I don’t understand.  I’m in this relationship that I want out of.  I hate it!  I like my partner, but I hate being with him anymore.  He’s much older than I am and we’ve been together for eight years now.  The longer we stay together, the older he gets.  And he’s getting really old!

I don’t wan’t to be with some old guy!  I want someone young.  Hot.  Someone I would want to have sex with.  We don’t even have sex.  I’m sick of it.  I want out!


I guess I should really say, that ONE of my friends is an asshole!  He’s so self centered, it makes me sick!  I wish he would just get up off his fat ass and do something about his fucking horrible life!

Any way, . . .I’m just as misserable as I ever was.  I need to have sex with someone and I need to do it soon!

So as I sit here with cat in lap, and partner safely sitting at his computer, I can’t help but wonder, “Is this it?”  What has happened to me?  Where has my youthful spirit gone to?  Will I be distend to live THIS life until I die, or will I gather the courage to break out of this boring mold and go off for one last adventure?  Stay tuned. . . . . . .

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